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Blazing Steel
'Speed Kills' Is Basis For Fiocchi's New Waterfowl Load

Friday, June 06, 2008

Photo: Bear EMG
Fiocchi's new Speed Steel waterfowl loads delivers its 1 1/8-ounce payload at a blistering 1,475 feet per second.

Waterfowl hunters looking for a load they can count on to help them bag their limits of wily birds now have the option of turning to Fiocchi’s new 12-gauge Speed Steel shotshells – a load designed to perform.

For those hunters who believe in the old adage that "speed kills" or those who feel that payload is everything, the new load delivers on both counts. It combines astounding speed with raw knockdown power.

Drawing on Fiocchi’s 130-year history of producing top-shelf ammunition, Fiocchi designed its Speed Steel load in a 3-inch shell holding 1-1/8 ounce of steel shot. It's available in sizes BBB, BB, 1,2,3, and 4.

The load has been engineered the load to deliver an amazing 1,475 feet per second (fps) velocity to drive its steel-shot payload with astounding power to knock even the toughest birds out of the sky.

High-Quality Components

The components that Fiocchi selected for the Speed Steel load include a bi-directionally extruded plastic tube that's used for the shell; a superior base wad design; high-carbon content case heads for tensile strength Fiocchi’s renowned primers; and the careful selection of the best available powders to deliver greater power for solid penetration and clean kills at longer distances.

All of these factors combine to yield a product that produces results for waterfowl hunters – even on the most demanding shots.

For more information on Fiocchi’s Speed Steel hunting load or the company's full line of ammunition, click here or call (702) 293-6174.

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