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New From Final Approach
High-Def Decoys Can Add Appeal To Your Spread

Friday, June 13, 2008

Photo: Final Approach
Realism is the trademark of the new high-definition decoys such as these blue-winged teal imitations from Final Approach.

Final Approach has introduced three new high definition decoys for puddle duck and diver fanatics. Created by acclaimed working decoy maker Marty Hanson, the new decoys are available in bluebill, blue-winged teal and widgeon designs.

Like all FA decoys, they combine world-class anatomy, highly visible paint schemes and high-definition detail to create realism and variety on any spread. All of the new models utilize a one-piece design, including the head and keel.

The bluebill decoys come in a 12-pack of six drakes and six hens with two unique postures. The blue-winged teal and widgeon are available in 6-packs with three drakes and three hens in two unique postures.

Mallards and Blacks, Too

The new FA Gunners HD mallard/black duck decoys from Final Approach, with designs also created by Henson, offer unsurpassed realism and the ability to set up in the field or on a marsh. For added realism, the feet and legs of the field decoys were molded from actual birds.

These full-body field decoys come with motion bases and injection-molded Dura-Connect head-attachment systems that swivel for different positions. An industry-first Snap-Loc Whisper Motion system provides a solid connection to the decoy stake so the stake stays attached to the decoy for quick, easy setup.

There are six unique postures that let a hunter customize the decoy set up. They include: active drake, short-neck feeder drake, long-neck feeder drake, drake runner, snuggle-head hen and active hen.

Photo: Final Approach
The high-definition field mallard decoys from Final Approach are oversized for better presentation.

Bigger is Better

The field mallard/black duck decoys are oversized for better presentation and are available in three different packs. The 6-Pack of field mallards includes one active drake, one drake runner, two drake walker/feeders, one active hen and one snuggle-head hen. The 4-Pack field mallards feeder includes two long-neck and two short-neck drake feeders. The 4-pack field black ducks includes one snuggle-head hen, one snuggle-head drake, one active drake and one active hen.

The floating mallard/black duck decoys offer the same realism and vivid paint scheme in a one-piece bird. including the head and keel. The floating mallards are available in 6-pack and 12-pack assortments with six unique postures: active drake (both left- and right-looking), snuggle-head drake, snuggle-head hen, squawker hen and stretched-neck swimming hen.

The 6-pack assortment include one each of the above positions and the 12-pack assortment includes six active drakes (three left- and three right-looking) two snuggle-head drakes, two snuggle-head hens, one squawker hen and one stretched-neck swimmer hen.

The floating black ducks in active poses provide added realism to the decoy spread and are available in 6-pack and 12-pack assortments.


> For more information on Final Approach decooys, click here.

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