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Dry By Morning
Peet Has The Solution For Wet Hunting Boots

Reviewed by John Johnson

Product: Original Shoe Dryer
Company: Peet

Monday, October 08, 2007

When you're on a multi-day hunting trip and you get your only pair of boots soaking wet, how do you attempt to dry them out so you can wear them again the next day? Stuff them full of newspaper? Place them in front of the fireplace overnight?

If you're a devotee of either of those methods, chances are there were times when they worked to your satisfaction, and other times when they didn't. Few sensations are less appealing than sliding your foot, clad in a clean wool sock, into a still-damp boot. If you're hunting in even mildly cold weather, you know you're in for a long, miserable day.

If you had a Peet shoe dryer, though, your worries would be over.

Hey, it Works!

My introduction to the Peet was pretty inconspicuous. I'd never used one ore even heard of it until 2 years ago.

Photo: Peet
The Peet Shoe Dryer is a good thing to have a long on a multi-day hunting trip.

My hunting buddy, Dave Smith, showed up at the lodge in Montana with a used one in a worn cardboard box. He'd had no experience with the device either.

"My father-in-law got this thing at a yard sale because he thought I might be able to use it," Dave said. "I have no idea whether it works or not, but I guess we'll find out."

Dave loves to pursue pheasants in cattail sloughs, and it's not uncommon for him to come back to the truck wet up to his mid-thighs. He'd made such a jaunt on one of the first few days of our week-long trip, so he got the chance to put the Peet to the test.

The results were outstanding. His boots were completely dry the next morning, and the insides were as warm as a stovetop with a couple of pies in the oven. Pulling them on he described a feeling you just can't get with any amount of wadded-up newspaper.

They've Been Around Awhile

The model Dave had was Peet's original dryer, which, a little research showed, hit the market way back in 1968. No telling how old that individual device was, but judging by the box, it might have been around for the Bicentennial.

It looks sort of like the legs of a small department-store mannequin stuffed upside down into a small base. You plug the cord into the wall and place your boots over the foot pieces.

Warm air goes up through the leg tubes and into the inner parts of the boots, drying them from the inside out. Even if your boots are saturated, they'll be completely dry in the morning.

I never slogged through that Missouri River cattail slough where Dave had submerged the lower half of his body, but my boots got wet enough on a rainy day that they wouldn't have dried out on their own. The Peet came through like I champ.

When I got back home to California, one of the first things I did was order a Peet from Cabela's.


> The original Peet dryer retails for $39.95. Several other models are also available.

> To visit the Peet website, click here.

John Johnson is ShotgunFan's editor.

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